Cahaya Sehati is a cocoa cooperative that produces fermented cocoa. That the farms have been certified by Rainforest Alliance and UTZ.

Members of Cahaya Sehati who have been certified Rainforest Alliance as many as 881 farmers with a land area of ​​1.025 ha. Meanwhile, members of the cooperative who have obtained UTZ as much as 784 farmers with 924 hectares plantation.

Meanwhile at the farm level, we apply Good Agriculture Practices. Pruning, sanitation and harvesting do base on expert recomendation. Meanwhile for fermentation we use box with process lasted for 5 days followed by drying.


Related to seed quality, cocoa from Cahaya Sehati Light has bean counting <90, full farmented, moisture content 7 to 9 percent. Our cocoa beans have a specific flavour and taste. In a year we can supply fermented cocoa up to 1.908 tonnes.

To buy our cocoa beans please contact Mr. Dominggus at +6281243368586 or visit us at Jl Mesjid Nurah Iklas, Beringin Jaya Village, Tomini Sub-district. East Luwu Regency, South Sulawesi, Indonesia.